AB was zooming in his new car on the road, he was happy, after all he was able to buy his dream car an Audi and job was also going on great. Life was a dream which he was living to the fullest. He was lost humming to the song and enjoying the drive.

Suddenly he had to brake furiously as a cycle rider appeared in his lane and despite his efforts he hit the cycle with enough force to throw him to a short distance. It looked like that the guys house was just near the road , because as soon as the guy fell some people ran to the guy and tried to help him. AB was out of the car as well obviously it wasn’t his mistake but he was also scared and was silently praying that the guy was alive. And to his relieve though the guy was in obvious pain he was live. A woman in dirty clothes look up to him with seething disgust and anger. AB tried explaining to them that it wasn’t his mistake and the guy should’ve seen the car. 

“The guy seem to have weaker bones.” Remaked AB

Now the woman was clearly seething and spoke with such anger and menace that AB took few steps back

“What do you think that since you are in a car, you own the road? Eh, talk about weaker bones, I curse you that have you would know how the weak bones break! Go now I don’t want to look that your face.” Shouted the woman probably the injured guy’s mom

AB was thankful to be able to get away from there, he gave them some money and get back in his car. He wasn’t too worried about the curse etc. as he was an educated guy and didn’t believe in such things as magic or curses. AB called his office and explained that he would be little late and reached his office.

AB had already forgotten about the guy and was lost in his work soon enough. Come lunchtime AB had his lunch and got back to his room but soon his stomach started making some weird noises maybe he was having some reaction to the food, thought AB as he took some antacid to relax his stomach. And soon he was okay but his 6th sense was still tingling with some unknown dread.

Soon AB had to go to the washroom owing to his upset stomach. Having done his business AB got out and cleaned his hands and as he turned his right hand hit the urinal glass and a sheer pain travelled through his hands and he shouted in surprise and pain. He looked at his hand dumbly which was twisted at an unusual angle. And then his body started twitching and soon he fell and his head hit the counter and he never got up.

After some time someone else decided to go to the washroom as soon as they opened the gate they turned, started screaming and vomited on the floor. The police was called in, the inspector came with two constables. They peaked in and both the constables turned and emptied their lunches as the previous guy had. The inspector barely controlled himself and looked at the strange sight in front of his.

The guy was obviously dead but the strange fact was that there was no skeleton inside the dead body and it was deflated like the balloon. A mother’s curse had come true and his weak bones evaporated from his body like dust.

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Paths to Death – E for Electricity

It was a dark night without moon, total darkness all around the jungle,

He was spreading the trap looking all around, naked electric wires to trap and kill tigers.

He had canvassed the area before and had selected this area due to lot of paw marks.

He had to be quick as rangers could and come see his handiwork anytime.

Finally he was done and the trap was laid. Electricity was provided via overhead electricity line.

He turned to leave but suddenly was thrust back violently by a tiger.

Now hunter became the hunted and he lay there on electric wires, writhing violently, the tiger watched his smoking body for few seconds and then turned and left.

Next day his charred body was found by the national park rangers and the trap was safely dismantled.

Spirit of the jungle was able to defeat the hunters this time and in doing so saved many very precious tigers.

Paths to Death – E for Electricity

Paths to Death – G for Gravity

He loved adventure and the adrenaline rush he got from all the activities. In fact you could have called him an Adventure freak or adrenaline junkie.

He was tirelessly busy hiking, base jumping, paragliding, rock climbing, mountaineering you name it and he would’ve done it or would be planning to do it.

His next target was skydiving and he waited with bated breath to conquer this avenue too.

He boarded the plane with excitement. And jumped with the instructor, it was all he hoped for and more.

He had to repeat it. Next week he was ready to go again this time without the instructor.

Plane was high above and he jumped. He loved the feeling of free falling and flying. 20000 feet, 15000 feet, 1000 feet finally at 8000 feet he yanked at the rope to open the parachute, but the rope came lose in his hands.

The Parachute was defective, now he tumbled to the ground screaming and trying to open the parachute without any success.

The Gravity did the rest.

Paths to Death – G for Gravity

Paths to Death – F for Fire

He was furiously pouring the petrol down the glass bottles, preparing the Molotov Cocktails i.e. Petrol Bombs.

He was scheduled to join his gang two hours later where they were supposed to agitate the crowd by burning the government offices and vehicles.

He was part of an anti-government uprising’s fringe group.

He finished his work and met his friends to start the unrest and terror.

They nodded to each other and shook hands before disbursing to different areas with their quota of molotov cocktails.

Now he was alone, he held the bottle in one hand and clicked the lighter in his other hand.

Suddenly his hands were on fire, he dropped the bottle which caused the petrol to splash on his legs and they caught fire as well.

He wasn’t aware that in his haste his hands were doused in petrol too.

Within few seconds he was running around ablaze crying for help.

No one could help him and few minutes later his charred corpse, lay by the road, smoke rising from his body.

Paths to Death – F for Fire


“Goodbye” said the note stuck on the fridge

which he saw with his sleepy eyes, he rubbed his eyes as if that would rub away the sleep…

but there was no sleep left in them .. just like a slap bring all the sense into a drunk .. it was a slap which had woken him up after 20 years of sleep.

He had always taken her for granted .. not for today or tomorrow but almost all their life together after all they never stayed apart even for a week after the marriage…

They loved each other very much but their love developed cracks when their family refused to grow.

They were not blessed with a baby and even when she wanted to adopt a baby he had opposed her saying that he would not be able to love someone Else’s baby like his own and he would try to co-operate with her in their life and in the difficult time.

But soon he forgot about his own promise and started abusing her whenever presented with a chance ..

In his own grief he forgot that how much she must be hurting.

He started drinking as well

He slumped in a sleep which lasted exactly till this moment when he saw the note..

He tried calling what few friends they had but no one knew about her or where she went…

He tried ads in paper and Police but he never got a clue about her

Slowly and slowly one year passed..

Somehow he did not give up on her … also he wasn’t at all bad to her for last 5 years. He had stopped drinking and started behaving nicely to her. Within the past year he had thought about all the moments of their life and although he understood that he was horrible to her, he could never understand why did she choose to leave him after so many years, in their 40s when their life was finally good after so many years..

then as she had left .. without a sound or trail then in the same way he received a letter from her ..

he tried to find from where the letter had come from but to know avail..

With shaking hands he started reading the letter…it said..

“Hi Love,

Yes its true after all these years and for all your behavior, I still love you. I know you were also hurting as bad as me but being a man you could not cry like me to ease your pain so you started drinking and starting hitting me and tried to find all the wrong ways to ease your pain and vent your anger on God. But even though I was hurting inside, I knew that I had to bring you back to life before I could find a life for myself.

I don’t know if you have fallen into the hands of your bad habits once again or not. I hope not.But I am very happy that when I left you, you had stopped drinking  and left all of your bad habits. You were also very good to me and you must surely be wondering by now, why did I leave you then and not when you were at your most horrible behavior?

hmmmm.. so to answer your question, I did not leave till you were all better because I still love you and if I had left you at that time, you must have surely drunk yourself to death by now. And I had to leave you after that because I had already given you all I had to offer and now I wanted some time for myself. I might come back to you after few years but that time is still away. I have to still fill the wounds and ease the pain given to me by your hatred towards me.

You will also be happy to know that I have adopted a very beautiful girl and I have named her Asha as a symbol of my Hope for you. She loves you very much and wants to meet you but she is very intelligent girl for her two years of age and knows that she will meet you when the time will come.

You must be wondering what am I doing. I am working as a caretaker in an old age home and I love it here, all the people here are hurt but still after some time they stop worrying and start enjoying their life. Here nobody is rude to anyone because everyone knows each others pain and do what ever they can to ease that pain. I love it here because people just come here everybody accepts and welcomes them and nobody says Goodbye.

Be good and stay good for when I comeback I want you to be just like I left you. I just want that day to be like I woke up after a long sleep.

Forever Yours and Only yours”


Paths to Death – D for Drugs

Day 1: I should try weed, after all, my friends seem to enjoy it very much. Wow it sure is nice.


Day 50: Weed doesn’t do anything let’s try something stronger. Let’s try smack.

Day 150: Man this Heroin is so pure and cool.


Day 200: Nobody can stop me I am invincible (sniffs Cocaine) I am the King of the world.


Day 320: Let’s try combination of drugs to get more high.

Day 325: Newspaper Headline “Teen die due to Drug Overdose.”


Paths to Death – D for Drugs

You are not here

             I wanted to write you this letter for a long time. If you remember it was a long time ago that you left us. I still remember your words like it was yesterday,


  “You make me miserable, I can’t live in this house any longer.”


  And you had walked away, I find it hard to believe that you forgot us but how can I answer the fact that you haven’t called, visited or sent any mails to us since you left. You are not here but the problems are.


  Mom hasn’t been herself since you left, I had to grow up overnight at the age of 13, Didn’t I deserve to be a kid for a little longer, didn’t I need my dad but you were not here. You left and never came back but with your absense we had to face all the difficulties alone. For a long time, he had little to no money. Then Mom started some work and that’s how we survived.


  But how would you know all that, You are not here, why aren’t you here? Where did you go? Why didn’t you ever visit us? Don’t you remember us any more? Did we do anything wrong? You are not here but you left us all the people who chased us for the money you owed them.


  You are not here but the cracks in the wall are there which cried for repairs but we barely survived and there’s wasn’t even enough money to eat both the times. How could we spare the money on un-necessary things like repair. I try to forget but can’t forget the sight of you lying on the floor, cluching your chest, after you said those words. Doctor said you had a heart attack. You left us and never even visited us in dreams. You are not here, you left us alone in this cruel world.


Your Son
You are not here

A Short Story – Love

Rashmi was very troubled by one habit of her husband. He used to go to his office by bike, whenever Ravi went to office by himself, he always wore a helmet but whenever Rashmi and he went somewhere he never wore any helmet.

Once they were going somewhere, Rashmi asked Ravi – “May I ask you something?”.

Ravi replied – “Anything you say mam!”

Rashmi said – “I am troubled by your habit of not wearing helmet whenever we both go out together. Don’t you know that the security is important?”

Ravi just said – “Oh! its nothing, its just so that I can speak to you freely while riding bike.”

Rashmi stayed quiet but she knew that this was not the right reason. When they got back, Rashmi again asked the same question. She pleaded that this time Ravi has to tell him the truth.

Ravi took a deep breath and said – “Whenever I go to office, I wear the helmet because I care for you and want to come back to you in one piece at the end of the day.”

A huge smile came to Rashmi’s face, she asked playfully “Really!! if that’s true why don’t you wear helmet whenever I also go out with you? Don’t you want me to come back in one piece with you?”

Ravi replied – “No its nothing like that, its because you never wear helmet as its not required for you as per Indian Laws. But God forbid we meet an accident and I am wearing a helmet and you are not, then you will be in danger. And I would rather die with you then Live without you”

Rashmi was stunned by this answer, she said – “But, you could’ve asked me to wear the helmet.”

Ravi laughed and said – ” About that, don’t you know how much I love your hair? Why would I want you to spoil them?”

Rashmi also started laughing and said – “I for one am in favor of living with you than dying with you so will wear the helmet as would you. Promise?”

Ravi nodded silently with all the love in his eyes.

A Short Story – Love

News from the Future

Agency: 14 July 2516 – The HOTTEST New Dish in town

A new dish has everyone rushing to this hot new destination but alas! most go in vain as the owner only serve the dish to cricketers and that too only visiting teams who visit Jamaica in West Indies. After all the restaurant is called Gayle’s is managed by Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grand son of Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle.

The dish is called “Juvenile male thrubs in curry” this tasty dish has International crickets from across the world pushing their boards for a tour to West Indies and as well as thanking their stars to be playing cricket in this age where most of the other games are played by the robots.

We spoke with Gayle’s owner Thomas Gayle IV who told us that the dish uses only the male juvenile thrubs as the female juvenile thrubs are not at all eatable and they are ultimately used to reproduction so that the males can be used for food. Females give birth to about 5000 larvaes at a time and out of which about 90% are male. Only juveniles can be used for food as the adult males are also inedible due to high salt content in their body, as they grow they accumulate salt in their bodies. Females as we all know are slimy to begin with and grow to be jelly like.

This  species crash landed on our earth aboard a small asteroid which crashed near West Indies and soon they made the West Indies their home and the world got their new favorite meal.

News from the Future


He was in bed enjoying the weekend rain while his wife worked in kitchen and his son watched cartoons.
He had a stack of books on the bedside table, he had just received the packages from Amazon and he had eagerly ripped through them to gaze at the beautiful covers.
Also on the table were a letter opener and a scissor.
Suddenly he sensed something in the room but of course he didn’t see anything. He thought that someone whispered something in his ear. What was said he didn’t understand but what happened next couldn’t be explained.
He picked up the scissors and started cutting his hair, it was like his hands were moving independently. He cut whatever hair he could find on his body.
Then for the reasons which are still unexplained.
He turned the scissors on him he used the sharp blades to cut both his wrists.
He also stabbed himself multiple times, and then to finish the task he slashed his throat.
Most strange and unexplained was the fact that he still had a smile on his face as his son cried and his wife called hospital upon seeing him lying in the pool of blood on the bed.
A creepy unexplained smile.