The News

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‘Hotel California’ the song played as his phone rang

“Hello, what is it?” He said grudgingly, he was busy in a very boring meeting

“Sir very bad news” Said the voice over the phone

And he told him about what really happened

“Oh Shit!!! Arrange a meeting quick.” He said suddenly very alert


The office was abuzz with activity as News channels usually do every hour since they became 24 hours thing

Sahay’s phone rang

“Sir very sad news” Said Varun the field reporter

And he came to know about what happened

“Really very sad news thanks for the news” He disconnected the phone.

Quickly send an OB Van to cover the news another to the Minister’s home

He was little sad but very happy as there wasn’t going to be any shortage of news now and he would be able to keep the channel busy for few days non-stop. He was also happy for Ad-Money they were going to earn.


Phones were buzzing in every home

“Hello?” Said Mr. Sharma

“Hello?” Said Mr. Yadav

“Hello?” Said Mrs. Mishra

And then everyone ran from their homes to only one destination.


It was a very confusing scene with everyone talking at once as they all wanted CM’s comments on the issue.

But CM was still busy handling and directing the officers and weren’t yet ready to address the press.

After all what can one say after such a tragedy?


Two hours earlier – at the school

Kids were sitting in a line for their lunch.

They ate their food and it was different than usual, it tasted little different, it tasted a little sweet and sour.

But usually the food was bland and it was different so they ate …


In Bihar .. began the news channel

91 kids died after eating Midday meal.

It was indeed a busy day for the news channels and very sad day for everyone else.

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The News

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