Tears Forever

This story is written for an Indiblogger Indispire topic Write a story ending with ‘… and the tears never stopped’ #tears

They were the quintessential Soulmates, they came together during high-school and never left each other.

They were together when they got to the college. They loved each other unconditionally and vowed that they would never be apart.

They believed that there would be no tears of sadness only tears of joy in their union.

Their love bore fruit when they got married and started yet another happy phase of their life.

She was working when she got the call, he was in an accident and was Dead on Arrival. She started crying and the tears never stopped.

Tears Forever

Paths to Death – A for Accident

He thought he was invincible .. after all .. he was a racer 

And a stunt biker to boot ..
He used to zip around the town on his modified bike 
Today he was racing with his friends on the highway..
They were laughing and swerving their bikes ..
He was proud of his riding .. and they continued.
There were few trucks on the highway .. but they were nothing for them.
They rode together and zoomed between two trucks and then overtook another..
Just to strike an overturned truck … 
He and five of his friends were instantly dead.
Note – And this is how April A-Z 2014 challenge begins .. 
Paths to Death – A for Accident